Annual Tree & Shrub Sale

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The Annual Tree & Shrub program runs from January through April.

Redosier Dogwood
Photo by: Steven Katovich, USDA Forest Service, Bugwood

The Conservation District offers an annual tree and shrub seedling sale. We sell a variety of bare root evergreen and deciduous seedlings and transplants to be used for effective conservation purposes. These seedlings and transplants are not intended for resale. Grown by a private New York nursery, these seedlings provide the homeowner with economical conservation materials to establish windbreaks, reforest parcels, prevent soil erosion and create suitable wildlife habitats.

Order Deadline:  Check back in January 2025

Pickup Dates:
Check back in January 2025

Refund Policy:
Refunds can be issued through April __, 2025. Payments made by check will receive a full refund. Refunds to payments made by credit card will be reduced by the credit card processing fee.

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Plant Use Key

C = Christmas Tree                              N = Native

E = Environmental Forestry              S = Shelterbelt

F = Human Food                                  T = Timber

H = Habitat/Food Wildlife                 W = Watershed

Seedling – A tree that has grown up in the bed in which it was sown, remaining there one, two, or three years.

Transplant – A seedling that has been moved to another bed and set out separately a few inches apart. The transplants offered have been in a seedling bed 2 years and transplant bed for 2 years. The transplant is hardier than a seedling in that it has a more extensive root system.