No-Till Drill Rental

$100 Deposit + $13 per acre

Sullivan County landowners with a minimum 55hp tractor with 4 ports may rent out our no-till drill by appointment only. This equipment is ideal for controlling erosion when planting cover crops, food plots, pastures, and hay fields. This machine also saves fuel and time by distributing seeds evenly at a specific depth.

Features of our Traux Model OTG 7512 Grass Drill (12 row)

  • Three separately metered seed boxes (grains, small seeds & legumes, and fluffy seeds)
  • Planting depth controlled by metal depth bands on all discs
  • Digital acre meter
  • Seed delivered between double disc openers for proper placement
  • Press wheels track behind disc openers to press soil around seed

Rental Agreement- Landowners/operators must fill out our No-Till Rental Agreement.

Insurance- Landowners/operators are required to provide Certificate of Insurance showing the seeder is insured for $35,000 of physical damage coverage on the user`s insurance policy, and the District must be listed as an additional insured/lessor of leased equipment on that same policy for the rental period.

Fees- Landowners/operators are required to pay a deposit of $100, which is a $50 delivery fee & a $50 cleaning fee. (The $50 cleaning fee will be subtracted from the total due if the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and all seed is removed when picked up). The rental fee is $13 per acre.

ST-125- Farmers can submit an ST-125 form along with their rental agreement and Certificate of Insurance to be exempt from paying sales tax

To set up an appointment to rent this equipment, call us at 845-292-6552.