Soil & Water Conservation Districts earn income through various programs and services to support and sustain its programs in New York State.

Pond Site Investigations: $100.00 per visit
The Conservation District offers a pond planning service for Sullivan County landowners who would like to construct a pond for wildlife, recreational and fire protection uses. Assistance to potential pond owners includes evaluation of the site, layout and design of simple ponds less than 1 acre in size.

Individual Landowner/Site Visits: $35.00 per hour
Drainage & Erosion Problem Assessment or Review of Sediment & Erosion Control Plan


Individual Landowner Permit Assistance: $20.00 per application
This includes assistance in obtaining necessary environmental permits, and insuring regulations are met in application.

Soil Group Worksheet for Agricultural Assessment
A soil group worksheet lists how many acres of each type of soil you have on your property. Your assessor will use this worksheet, along with the rest of your application, to help determine your tax exemption.

New Worksheet: $35.00 per parcel
Revised Worksheet: $15.00 per parcel