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  • Fertilizer Tablets


    A two-year, time release tablets supply necessary nutrients to seedlings. Place in the same holes as the seedlings during planting. $7 per 25 tablets

  • Marking Flags


    These highly visible flags are great for marking your new plantings so you will not mow them off during your normal yard and field maintenance. $27 per 100/bundle

  • Tree Protector Tube


    Protect your new investment from deer, rabbits and other unwanted intruders who would like to chew them off before they have a chance to grow. $11 each

  • Plantskydd Deer Repellant


    A repellent which can be sprayed on plants that emits an odor to help keep animals away. Comes in a 1 lb. box in powder form, or a 1 Qt. liquid spray bottle. 1 Qt Liquid Spray- $22 1 lbs…