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  • Blue Bird House-Regular Style


    Our old favorite, these simple little boxes work well for attracting blue birds to your area. $15 each

  • Peterson Style Blue Bird House


    A slightly more deluxe model than our regular blue bird box, these stylish bird houses offer a great chance to attract families of blue birds to your yard. $20 each

  • Wren House


    $15 each

  • Wood Duck Boxes


    These boxes will promote nesting areas for wood ducks. A guard to protect the wood duck from predators is also available. $25 each

  • Bat Roosting Box


    A box with the opening on the bottom to protect the bat. One of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to reduce the mosquito population near you home is to install a bat roosting box. $20 each

  • Butterfly Box


    A narrow box with thin openings to allow a safe place for butterflies to nest. $20 each

  • Owl/Hawk Box


    These boxes will promote nesting areas for owls or hawks. $21 each

  • Wild Bird Feeder


    A 1’L x 9”W x 9” H bird feeder with two clear sides. $21 each

  • Carpenter Bee Trap


    If you are having a problem with these bees, this box is specifically built to trap them. It comes with a glass container. $22 each