Fruit Trees

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  • Crispin (Mutsu) Apple


    Sold as 3′-5′, bareroot tree. A sweet and tangy juicy yellowish green apple that is ready end of September and is good for eating and baking. Needs well drained soil and full sun and needs cross pollination. Grows 12’-15’ wide.…

  • Northern Spy Apple


    A hardier tree with tangy-tart juicy apple with red skin. The fruit is ready October-November and is good for eating, baking, and juicing. Needs full sun, well-drained soil and cross pollination. Sold as 3′-5′, bareroot tree. $24 per tree.

  • Bartlett Pear


    A fast growing, heavy bearing pear variety. Grows 12’ – 20’ high and wide. Bartlett will produce by itself but will produce more with another variety as a cross pollinator. Fruit ripens in late August and is great for eating…

  • Reliance Peach


    A hardy 12-20’ tall and wide tree that produces large crops of sweet, juicy medium-to-large fruit that ripens early August. Self-pollinates. Sold as 3′-5′, bareroot tree. $25 per tree.

  • Sweet Stella Cherry


    A medium growth rate tree with pink flowers in early spring. Firm, juicy and sweet deep red fruit is ready in mid-June and great for eating, canning, freezing and drying. It is a great pollinator for other cherry tree varieties.…

  • Blueberry Jersey


    2′-4′ Blueberry $20 each (multi-stem)

  • Raspberry


    3-5′ Extremely winter hardy bush, producing deep red, medium sized sweet berries that are good for eating, freezing and jam. Bloom time late spring, fruit begins to ripen in mid-summer. Full sun required. Sold as bareroot 10″-15″ Sold in Bundle…

  • Blackberry


    This plant produces large black fruit that is firm, fleshy, and sweet. Blackberry will produce over a long period of time. It is a very hardy and heavy producer. The root systems of this plant have great soil holding capacity.…