Fruit Trees

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    Gala Apple


    Sold as 3′-5′, bareroot tree. Plant two different varieties of each fruit for pollination. $24 per tree.

  • Cortland Apple


    A sweet and tangy juicy crisp large red apple. The fruit is ready early mid to late September and is good for eating, baking and preserves. A good pollinizer. Sold as 3′-5′, bareroot tree. Plant two different varieties of each…

  • Bartlett Pear


    A fast growing, heavy bearing pear variety. Grows 12’ – 20’ high and wide. Bartlett will produce by itself but will produce more with another variety as a cross pollinator. Fruit ripens in late August and is great for eating…

  • Reliance Peach


    A hardy 12-20’ tall and wide tree that produces large crops of sweet, juicy medium-to-large fruit that ripens early August. Self-pollinates. Sold as 3′-5′, bareroot tree. $24 per tree.

  • Sweet Stella Cherry


    A medium growth rate tree with pink flowers in early spring. Firm, juicy and sweet deep red fruit is ready in mid-June and great for eating, canning, freezing and drying. It is a great pollinator for other cherry tree varieties.…

  • Blueberry Jersey


    18″-24″ Blueberry $12 each (multi-stem)

  • Raspberry


    3-5′ Extremely winter hardy bush, producing deep red, medium sized sweet berries that are good for eating, freezing and jam. Bloom time late spring, fruit begins to ripen in mid-summer. Full sun required. Sold as bareroot 9″-15″ Sold in Bundle…

  • Blackberry


    This plant produces large black fruit that is firm, fleshy, and sweet. Blackberry will produce over a long period of time. It is a very hardy and heavy producer. The root systems of this plant have great soil holding capacity.…